Tuesday, November 30


0916derek-lam-flatforms_fa.jpgComfort will be key next spring; We are going to see a fresh take on old classics. Here are a few pieces to be shown on the spring 2011 catwalks.
Wide-leg trousersThis trend screams super-stylish working woman. These trousers are found in loose materials that sway easily; they’re so comfortable. Please note I have said wide leg trousers not jeans! 
Flatforms -  We won’t be breaking our ankles in our massive wedge heels, because the designer introduced us to an alternative to platforms: flatforms! (right)
Orange This look is a standout. Whoever knows me will know how much I hate on people wearing orange, but for next spring I'm afraid to say it's in. Pick key pieces of an outfit to highlight the colour, don't step out wearing it from head to toe and looking.. well... like an orange.

Monday, November 29


I hate seeing people who know how to dress well falling into black holes of trends-gone-wrong. They are wearing the “It” item, but it’s being worn so wrong that it starts to seem like a major style faux-pas. Just because items are on trend does not necessarily mean they are going to suit you, I see so many people try and pile on as many on-trend items are possible in one outfit. Believe me, it's not a good look.
Fur vests - I would have to say that they are completely cozy and fab for fall and winter. But if you aren’t careful, you may wind up looking like an oversize teddy bear. If the vest is shrunken, wear it open with piled-on necklaces. For larger versions, make sure you cinch at the waist to highlight your smallest part. 
Jumpsuits - These can be frightening when worn wrong; remember proportion is vital. As obvious with most long body covering pieces the taller you are, the better you can pull what you are wearing off. If you are leering under the mark of 5"7 then pair the jumpsuit with heels and wear under a fitted blazer. 
Boyfriend jeans - The baggy nature of these requires a little extra styling and accessorizing. Roll the legs of the jeans up just above the ankle and pair with mid-length boots or vintage looking brogues. Also, try tucking in a fitted shirt and belting the waist, styled hair and girlie extras are musts. Remember just because they're boyfriend jeans, this doesn't mean you want to look like a boy!
Pencil skirts -  First, make sure your garment is fitted, not tight. Too many girls now-a-days go for the tightest thing possible, not what fits them best. That is when the muffin tops and bulging belly's start to show. Second, check the mirror, nothing can ruin an outfit like the Visible Panty Line, and pencil skirts are the biggest culprits.

Friday, November 26


You’ll probably want to check out the site yourself rather than just reading about it here, but for people of the UK you might like to know that at long last Forever 21 has launched a UK version of its website. When I visit the states I can spend endless hours in the store, in my opinion it is almost exactly like Topshop, just without the ridiculously hefty price tags.
Check out the site here - http://www.forever21.com/UK/Product/Index.aspx?BR=F21

Thursday, November 25


I was randomly browsing across the internet looking back through past season collections. I was inspired after watching a Brett Domino video on youtube and he was wearing a gorgeous jumper with a giraffe on, and I searched high and low but I could not find it. Then I came across this little beauty, now as far as I see sometimes the designers which collaborate with Adidas try a little too hard, this kind of high lights that theory perfectly. The fall '09 Jeremy Scott sweatshirt looks nice and completely unusual, it also comes in a stylish beige colour but something is definitely wrong with it … oh maybe it is that this thing costs $250. If I had that sort of money to splash about on silly jumpers then I would most certainly purchase this quirky little thing. I mean the head of the giraffe comes off from the cuff of the jumper, as if it's like a teddy or something. Awesome; think yes.

Wednesday, November 24


I am very happy to see that one of my favorite trends is back. I am talking about big, face obscuring, horn rimmed, old-school glasses.
The beauty of these little darlings, in addition to allowing those of us who need it to see a bit more clearly, is that they really do give that pretty/ugly effect. I first noticed the trend last fall on the Michael Kors runway. I know that talking about a trend from about 6 months ago is like digging up a relic from the Paleolithic period in fashion time, but the trend is still alive. Although they are currently enjoying a fashion revival, glasses have such a stigma of unnattractiveness attached to them. I find it so frustrating that the damsel in chick flicks always goes from geek to gorgeous just because she puts a brush through her hair and whips her glasses off. 

I have a pair. They are actually black Rayban sunglasses with the lenses popped out and my prescription popped in. I am absolutely in love with them as not only do they help me see, but they give any look I may wear different dimension. They are also the only type of glasses that I can pull off as I have a very round face and everyone who wear glasses with a football shaped face knows the math; Round Face + Square Frames = Good

Tuesday, November 23


I can't decide whether I feel wearing genuine fur is inhumane. There is just something about it being real that really creeps me out, but that’s not to say I don’t love the look. Michael Kors, Chanel and D&G all sent out amazing fur looks for their winter runway shows that are completely worth 'copying'. Here are the pieces you should consider investing in for the most awesome looks this winter.
Fur-trimmed jackets - Whether you opt for a sophisticated tailored coat with fur collars or an oversized puffy jacket with a fur hood, there is a little something for everyone.

Bags - This season, bags are covered in fur details. Emphasis on the detail, don't go purcahse something that makes you look like a dead raccoon is carrying around all of your stuff.

Boots - Elegant, fur-lined boots are the gorgeous trend to embrace this season. Knee highs with a fur trim are perfect for the ever colding winter weather.

Hats - Another way to rock the fur trend is with some headwear. Fuzzy hats, lined trapper hats or Russian-style hats. There are tons of styles to choose from and in the winter, they are as cozy as they are a style statement.

Monday, November 22


Fashion has no real rules, that is except when it comes to leggings. Leggings worn incorrectly are just well, truly awful. Don’t commit a legging faux pas. They maybe dressier than sweatpants and maybe more comfortable than jeans, but you need to do it right. 

DO NOT WEAR LEGGINGS AS TROUSERS. Leggings are not trousers, fact. Unless you are the size of an 6 year old girl, then do not pretend that they are. Leggings worn this way are deeply unflattering, as they reveal every line, ripple and imperfection. 
Also most importantly in nine out of ten cases they clearly show the world your underwear, never ever ever a good look. They should not be see-through. Just like leggings are not trousers, they are also not tights. If they are in any way see-through, then it’s time to purchase a new pair. If your going for the ripped legging look, keep it classy. Rips in all the wrong places are just nasty.
Yes they maybe comfy but they are not for outdoor slob wear. Do not abuse the privilege of wearing this by looking totally well scruffy. It’s tempting to throw on a hoodie and go. Wear a slouchy cardigan instead; more fashion-forward and pulled together.
Pair with a tunic, short dress or mini skirt. It’s important that the top you pick to wear with your leggings covers your rear. If it leaves you at all exposed, then you’ve chosen the wrong piece. If the tunic, long top or short dress are at any point inching ever so closely to your knees, they it is time to switch to tights instead.

Sunday, November 21


In 2009 the sheer clothing trend was the ultimate proof that in some cases less is most certainly more. Introducing the fall 2010 cutaway fashion trend, where intricate missing elements of fabric work to show off glimpses of the female figure in a sexy but not slutty kind of way, that is if the cuts are placed in the appropriate places. Cuts on the hip bone accentuate the figure the same as cuts just on the bra line.

This Aqua Butcher Dress With A Slashed Side is £70 and available at ASOS.

Monday, November 15


The amount of controversy one item of clothing can create is obscene. 

It is undeniable that the revival of the leotard is down to one particular individual who is famous not only because of her fabulous voice but also for wearing outrageous outfits usually consisting of very little material. 
Of course I'm on about Lady Gaga. However now everyone is wearing them; Rihanna is a serial copy cat culprit in my eyes and she just can't seem to pull of the same daring look with flare. The photo above is one of my favourite Gaga leotards not only because of the vivid colour or cheeky hood but because of the fabulous accessories which complete the outfit perfectly. 

So what is my opinion of the leotard? 
To be honest, I don't mind people wearing them. I'm going to sound like such an utter b*tch but if you're not like mortally obese and can pull one off, I say go for it. I wouldn't go out to town in one though, the are far to revealing for just normal party attire; perhaps for a special occasion e.g. fancy dress; I think they are perfectly acceptable. 
I mean how else can you dress up as Gaga without the leotard!

Thursday, November 11


High socks: women's fashion trend.

This year in which thigh high boots have been prominent, this fashion trend comes as no surprise. Invest in; Knee high socks, Over the knee socks & Thigh high socks. I know I am very lucky being 5'11 as I can get away with thigh highs with ease. Undoubtedly thigh high socks make the greater statement as the draw the most attention and styled correctly any can make an outfit.

You need to pick the length wisely as they have to suit your body's shape!
If you've got big legs then thigh high socks will draw too much attention to them, Also if you're shorter than your av-er-age bear then unfortunately thigh highs will just make you look even shorter. Knee high socks that cut off just below the knee are more likely to give you a slimmer look, as going only a short distance above the knee could result in socks that 'bulge' on your knee; which believe me no one wants to see.

Avoid pairing knee high socks with tartan and plaid skits unless you can otherwise avoid the school girl overtones, you don't want to walk down the street and get unwanted attention because people assume you're going to fancy dress as a 'naughty school girl'.

Wednesday, November 10


Buttoned-up shirt collars: Women's fashion trend.

The awesome thing about the done-up collar as a 2010 fashion trend is that it's simple, requires nothing all that new and at no extra cost just an extra button!

If you like to say a bit feminine in your look then you can balance out the boldness of the top button with some shorts or a miniskirt. However I, being a lover of masculine style, think that the best way to get the full effect of the shirt is to tuck it into your jeans,trousers or if you dare some high waisted slacks and go a tad more sophisticated.

As for the cut of the shirt, the buttoned collar can work with sleeveless, short or long sleeved shirts, and be sure not to forget about the humble shirt dress either.

Friday, November 5

the end of the beginning.

I am starting again; all the way back to the beginning. My last blog which I deemed a relative success (4500 hits in 4 months) has gone, partially because I became bored with writing about stuff I did not really care about and also because of the criticism that I received from many anonymous people who did not agree with some opinions that I posted in blogs. After a long hard think about my topics of genuine interested, I had a revelation which made me think why I was so stupid to have not thought of this before. So I can officially announce that you can't just saunter in is a glorified fashion blog; dedicated solely to coverage of runway shows, trends, designers, models, fashion magazines and fashion related media.