Monday, November 22


Fashion has no real rules, that is except when it comes to leggings. Leggings worn incorrectly are just well, truly awful. Don’t commit a legging faux pas. They maybe dressier than sweatpants and maybe more comfortable than jeans, but you need to do it right. 

DO NOT WEAR LEGGINGS AS TROUSERS. Leggings are not trousers, fact. Unless you are the size of an 6 year old girl, then do not pretend that they are. Leggings worn this way are deeply unflattering, as they reveal every line, ripple and imperfection. 
Also most importantly in nine out of ten cases they clearly show the world your underwear, never ever ever a good look. They should not be see-through. Just like leggings are not trousers, they are also not tights. If they are in any way see-through, then it’s time to purchase a new pair. If your going for the ripped legging look, keep it classy. Rips in all the wrong places are just nasty.
Yes they maybe comfy but they are not for outdoor slob wear. Do not abuse the privilege of wearing this by looking totally well scruffy. It’s tempting to throw on a hoodie and go. Wear a slouchy cardigan instead; more fashion-forward and pulled together.
Pair with a tunic, short dress or mini skirt. It’s important that the top you pick to wear with your leggings covers your rear. If it leaves you at all exposed, then you’ve chosen the wrong piece. If the tunic, long top or short dress are at any point inching ever so closely to your knees, they it is time to switch to tights instead.

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  1. I am totally loving this blog! I found it on and its one of my absolutle faves I've seen. love how you take the piss of all the pretentious blogs that just want to tell people how they can or can't dress lol. so funny - just what the fashion industry needed. xxxxx