Monday, November 29


I hate seeing people who know how to dress well falling into black holes of trends-gone-wrong. They are wearing the “It” item, but it’s being worn so wrong that it starts to seem like a major style faux-pas. Just because items are on trend does not necessarily mean they are going to suit you, I see so many people try and pile on as many on-trend items are possible in one outfit. Believe me, it's not a good look.
Fur vests - I would have to say that they are completely cozy and fab for fall and winter. But if you aren’t careful, you may wind up looking like an oversize teddy bear. If the vest is shrunken, wear it open with piled-on necklaces. For larger versions, make sure you cinch at the waist to highlight your smallest part. 
Jumpsuits - These can be frightening when worn wrong; remember proportion is vital. As obvious with most long body covering pieces the taller you are, the better you can pull what you are wearing off. If you are leering under the mark of 5"7 then pair the jumpsuit with heels and wear under a fitted blazer. 
Boyfriend jeans - The baggy nature of these requires a little extra styling and accessorizing. Roll the legs of the jeans up just above the ankle and pair with mid-length boots or vintage looking brogues. Also, try tucking in a fitted shirt and belting the waist, styled hair and girlie extras are musts. Remember just because they're boyfriend jeans, this doesn't mean you want to look like a boy!
Pencil skirts -  First, make sure your garment is fitted, not tight. Too many girls now-a-days go for the tightest thing possible, not what fits them best. That is when the muffin tops and bulging belly's start to show. Second, check the mirror, nothing can ruin an outfit like the Visible Panty Line, and pencil skirts are the biggest culprits.

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