Thursday, November 11


High socks: women's fashion trend.

This year in which thigh high boots have been prominent, this fashion trend comes as no surprise. Invest in; Knee high socks, Over the knee socks & Thigh high socks. I know I am very lucky being 5'11 as I can get away with thigh highs with ease. Undoubtedly thigh high socks make the greater statement as the draw the most attention and styled correctly any can make an outfit.

You need to pick the length wisely as they have to suit your body's shape!
If you've got big legs then thigh high socks will draw too much attention to them, Also if you're shorter than your av-er-age bear then unfortunately thigh highs will just make you look even shorter. Knee high socks that cut off just below the knee are more likely to give you a slimmer look, as going only a short distance above the knee could result in socks that 'bulge' on your knee; which believe me no one wants to see.

Avoid pairing knee high socks with tartan and plaid skits unless you can otherwise avoid the school girl overtones, you don't want to walk down the street and get unwanted attention because people assume you're going to fancy dress as a 'naughty school girl'.

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