Tuesday, November 23


I can't decide whether I feel wearing genuine fur is inhumane. There is just something about it being real that really creeps me out, but that’s not to say I don’t love the look. Michael Kors, Chanel and D&G all sent out amazing fur looks for their winter runway shows that are completely worth 'copying'. Here are the pieces you should consider investing in for the most awesome looks this winter.
Fur-trimmed jackets - Whether you opt for a sophisticated tailored coat with fur collars or an oversized puffy jacket with a fur hood, there is a little something for everyone.

Bags - This season, bags are covered in fur details. Emphasis on the detail, don't go purcahse something that makes you look like a dead raccoon is carrying around all of your stuff.

Boots - Elegant, fur-lined boots are the gorgeous trend to embrace this season. Knee highs with a fur trim are perfect for the ever colding winter weather.

Hats - Another way to rock the fur trend is with some headwear. Fuzzy hats, lined trapper hats or Russian-style hats. There are tons of styles to choose from and in the winter, they are as cozy as they are a style statement.

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