Wednesday, November 24


I am very happy to see that one of my favorite trends is back. I am talking about big, face obscuring, horn rimmed, old-school glasses.
The beauty of these little darlings, in addition to allowing those of us who need it to see a bit more clearly, is that they really do give that pretty/ugly effect. I first noticed the trend last fall on the Michael Kors runway. I know that talking about a trend from about 6 months ago is like digging up a relic from the Paleolithic period in fashion time, but the trend is still alive. Although they are currently enjoying a fashion revival, glasses have such a stigma of unnattractiveness attached to them. I find it so frustrating that the damsel in chick flicks always goes from geek to gorgeous just because she puts a brush through her hair and whips her glasses off. 

I have a pair. They are actually black Rayban sunglasses with the lenses popped out and my prescription popped in. I am absolutely in love with them as not only do they help me see, but they give any look I may wear different dimension. They are also the only type of glasses that I can pull off as I have a very round face and everyone who wear glasses with a football shaped face knows the math; Round Face + Square Frames = Good

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