Thursday, November 25


I was randomly browsing across the internet looking back through past season collections. I was inspired after watching a Brett Domino video on youtube and he was wearing a gorgeous jumper with a giraffe on, and I searched high and low but I could not find it. Then I came across this little beauty, now as far as I see sometimes the designers which collaborate with Adidas try a little too hard, this kind of high lights that theory perfectly. The fall '09 Jeremy Scott sweatshirt looks nice and completely unusual, it also comes in a stylish beige colour but something is definitely wrong with it … oh maybe it is that this thing costs $250. If I had that sort of money to splash about on silly jumpers then I would most certainly purchase this quirky little thing. I mean the head of the giraffe comes off from the cuff of the jumper, as if it's like a teddy or something. Awesome; think yes.

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