Thursday, December 30


While everyone would love to look back fondly on the past 12 months and remember every fashion trend a triumph, no doubt some were more successful than others. Cast your eyes over some of the highs and lows which made up the fashion trends of 2010.

HIT! CAMEL - Coats, capes, pegged trousers and cotton blouses; it was the shade that took over both the catwalk and the high street. It also looks set to be a firm fixture well into 2011.

MISS! EXTREME FAUX FUR - I'm not just talking average fake fur here, I mean the OTT gorilla jackets which whilst undeniably being warm also seem a tad ridiculous.

HIT! MILITARYThe military look has gone up and beyond odd flourishes and nods; we should have been wise enough early in the season to realise we'd be raiding the local army shop. Wool military trench coats have become the must-have outerwear for the impending sub-zero winter.

MISS! WINTER THEME - The romantic image of frolicking in the French Alps, gleefully slinging your skis over your shoulder and skipping back to your picture-perfect lodge is something we'd all like to imagine winter is like. D&G might have embraced the spirit of winter but I would not fall for it. Firstly they do not look especially warm. Secondly I'm not quite sure how a knitted onesie would go down in normal everyday life. It's a print which is fine for scarves and gloves, but just keep it there!

HIT! MAXI SKIRTS - The hippy feel of boho maxi dresses has somehow been completely dispelled with a much more sleek silhouette in 2010. No wardrobe is now complete without a dark, block-colour maxi skirt or if you were feeling especially brave then it was all about the prints, such as tie-dye or geometric shapes.

MISS! LEATHER SKIRTS - Leather follows some simple rules which many designers don't manage to understand. Leather + jacket = fine. Leather + accessories = awesome. Leather + shorts = unrealistic. Leather + shirt = hugely impractical and difficult to wear. It was a look that many high street shops tried to adapt for everyday wear, with even the most traditional fashion outlets including Next and Marks & Spencer having a foray into leather daywear. It wasn't snapped up in a hurry.

HIT! BOWS - In 2010 they were everywhere; tees, cardigans, in our hair, on shoes the opportunity to stick these little beauties onto the clothes we wear were endless. This even transferred into menswear, after the bow tie which was featured heavily on the runway transcended onto the high street. Of course who can forget the infamous Lady Gaga hair bow which we saw on the high street; mainly I'm thinking of the cheap Primark copies of which thousands of people across the country stuck on their heads. 

MISS! UNDERWEAR AS OUTERWEAR-  The chances of this actually landing in the high streets of a small British town was slim anyway but this brazen trend was never going to make waves for even the most outlandish of fashionistas. It is simply not that easy to pull off without risking a fine for indecent exposure; the closest we got was a bra worn under a lace top and that felt risqué enough. This trend also covers the few who considered it a grand idea to stroll about town with stockings and suspenders on show, once again less trend setter more attention seeking shlag.

HIT! DENIM - Who knew a vintage, faded levi's shirt would be this summer's hot ticket? Worn with khaki shorts, camel hareems or over a pretty little floral dress; the cowboy shirt was just one of the ways denim became big news in 2010. Demin-on-Demin was also a massive hits. Catwalks were filled with models wearing demin jackets over demin bodices finally paired with demin jeans; however this failed to transfer to high streets due to peoples inability to style an outfit solely for themselves.
MISS! CLOGS- Along with kitten heels clogs saw the return of some retro footwear styles I would personally rather have seen the back of. I applaud the experimentation, but clogs were never really going take off and be able to penetrate the mainstream. They looked good in the magazines and were all-a-buzz for summer's hot new trends, but only a gifted few could stand in them comfortably let alone walk plus people couldn't get over their slightly comic appearance.

HIT! LACE - I'm not quite sure when it happened but there was a moment in 2010 when lace went from being the material of choice of River Island (next to glitter obviously) and suddenly became sultry and sophisticated again. Lace-backed tops and dresses were the top party wear choices and along with velvet marked the return of sexy glam to our wardrobes. 

Tuesday, December 28


A lot of people believe that you must sacrifice comfort for style. When we think of fashion, sometimes the images that pop into our heads are painfully tall heels, jackets that leave us cold and freakishly tight dresses.
I feel that effortless style will always look good. When you’re comfortable in your clothes, you’re comfortable in your skin. So make it a 2011 resolution to look great and feel even better; here are the pieces you will absolutely need.
Oversize jumper - Large jumpers are just so versatile. H&M in fall/winter seasons always have such a vast collection for as low as just £15 a piece; so they are affordable too! Wear yours with a pair of leggings and belt it for an perfect hourglass shape.
Pleated skirt - This is a huge spring trend, so get ready to wear this easy silhouette in a few months. Pair one with a simple tee or wear it high-waisted with a bow tied in the middle. Gorgeous and simple.
Perfect Butt Lounge
Wide-leg jeans - Unlike their skinny cousins they won’t feel constrictive and most importantly won't make you feel self concious. The wide leg also evokes a more formal look, I would recommend picking up a pair in a dark wash. 
Brogues - You can really pair them with anything. Offset a girlie floral frock with this menswear piece or match it with a pair of leggings and tunic if you’re out shopping. They’re flat, comfortable and a key piece for your spring wardrobe.

Sweat pants - These are set to be a big trend for 2011 so get ahead of the game and pick up a pair. Make sure the fit is snug, not tight, and try out a cropped style. They’re casual, comfortable and a trend you can easily wear. Check out the pair above from Abercrombie & Fitch; a tad pricey (£54) for what may be classed as casual wear but believe me they are well worth every penny. 

Monday, December 27


Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, “This outfit needs something!”  People tend to make things more complicated than they are and just that little extra something can take any outfit from a fabulous 9 to that perfect 10! 

1. Add something that sparkles - Christmas may of just passed but it is still the holiday season! At this time of year you have to own at least a few glittering items. Grab a sparkly clutch or slide on a dazzling cocktail ring. It’s just has to add that touch of sparkle to your outfit. Try this French Connection Clutch;

2. Overdose on accessories - Sometimes I guess the best way to say it is.. more is more. Piles on dozens of pearl necklaces, an armful of bangles or a ring on every finger can add an edge to your look, this is guaranteed to get all heads turning in your direction.

3. Feathers and faux-fur - Are totally this season. A feathered skirt and faux fur vest will give your outfit that perfect little lifts. These two pieces are also easy to dress up or down depending on the extras you pair them with.

4. Paint your nails - Giving your fingernails a little TLC is very important. If you take the time to put on polish, it just shows that you take care of yourself. Try out a pretty dark hue for the holidays or the bang on trend camel colour that everyone is raving about.

5. Curl your hair with hot rollers - Don’t waste too much time with the iron, just invest in hot rollers for big, luscious curls.  Put them in, spray with a little hairspray, do your make-up, then pull them out. Your hair will be stunning, and no one will know how little time it took.

6. Step out in colourful footwear - Feeling a little drab in your gray/black/brown winter colour palette?  Then spruce it up with some fancy footwear; fire-engine red, electric blue and neon yellow. Yes I know, neon yellow however I'm only taking about the pumps by Christian Louboutin.

7. Blazers add that class - Throw one on over anything; a T-shirt, cocktail dress, pair of jeans, layered sweaters. If it is a nice, well fitted, neutral blazer it will seriously go with anything.

8. Try an animal-print bag - Snakeskin, crocodile, leopard... there a quite a few animals to choose from. There is no better trend for mixing classiness and edginess, just make sure you stick to one piece of animal print per outfit and try not to make that item too prominent. And remember what I always tell you when you wear animal prints; make them the same colour the animal is supposed to be!

9. Coloured and Patterned tights - Bright bold colours, Polka-dots and Cut-outs are personal favourites of mine but there is a style for every woman and every mood. If you don't possess the skinniest of legs, then try and stick to the bold colours more than patterns, as they draw obvious unwanted attention.

10. Believe in your style choices! Don’t fret over your style or question every little look. If you act unsure about what you’re wearing, then those insecurities will show and nothing kills style like a lack of confidence. So whatever you have on, the most important thing is to be confident. Natural Make-up, Groomed hair, Good posture and most importantly Smile! 

Saturday, December 25


I like to mindlessly browse the internet. Looking for new online stores in particular, to see if i can find any gems unknown to the general public. The other day I came across a website called Monki, it creates clothing collections that enable customers to express their personality and at the same time care about the planet. This store takes a hold on fashion in a way that I have never seen before, as a part of the textile and fashion industry they strive for a broad environmental and ethical approach to business. It’s important them that their customers recieve products that are free of harmful chemicals, they also don’t sell furs or feather down and in cases where animal cruelty is part of the production of wool, they won’t sell it. Monki strives to reach a high standard in work in order to make products for fashion-conscious people in a way which is ethically and environmentally sustainable. Monki's goal is that 11% of the cotton used in collections should be organic by the end of 2011.

Check it out -

Wednesday, December 22


It’s the holiday season! We’re shopping for gifts, dealing with immanent exams, getting together with family and just enduring a whole lot of craziness. I know that if my hair is amazing, then even the worst day on the planet fashion wise can be salvaged. But who has time to spend an hour on her hair every morning? It’s easy to look great every day and here are a few simple tricks.
Plaits - There are plenty of ways to wear plaits, all easy and totally on trend. Try a side part, French-braid the strands along the hairline for a pretty twist, or loosely gather hair in pigtails, braid the two sides, and then pull out a few pieces for a laid-back look. Note to all; pretend hair band plaits are not fashionable and never will be. It just look ridiculous having something stuck on your head that is meant to match your hair colour, but is actually 2 shades lighter.
Side Pony - A side-swept ponytail is the easiest look to master. Gather hair at the nape of the neck and twist it to one side. Secure with an elastic hair band and voila! Instant beauty. Try adding a faux flower clip for a gorgeous style, and make sure your hair is a little undone. Leave a few wispy pieces out near your face.
Messy Bun - Whether the bun is high on the head or low and pulled to the side, this look is super easy. You can either take your strands and twist them around an elastic band, or simply gather hair into a pile and tie the elastic into your locks for a messy, unkempt look. Try not to do the Topshop Princess look by pulling all off your hair on the top of your head and making a huge bun, as you'll more than likely come across more tramp than vamp.
Texturizer - Texturizer is the perfect way to re-imagine second-day locks. Buy a balm or paste, put a little in the palm of your hands and work it into your hair at the tips. You can piece strands out, twist them around your finger or even scrunch the balm into your hair. Bed-head can look fabulous just make sure it’s partnered with some light make-up and even though bed is in the name, be weary that you don't walk out of your house looking like you've just rolled out of it.

Monday, December 20


There is never a better time than Christmas to exercise some winter glam. Whether you wear all these items together or rock them separately, you will be set for the season and stand out at every event you attend!

Black nail polish on the weekend - Add a little extra polish and class to every look with a dark shade of nail colour; OPI polish in an onyx hue is perfect! I am also loving matt finished nails, they add such an edge to complete an outfit. For the winter, deep colours look the best against pale skin and will help you feel your best. So remember don’t neglect your manicure, even if it’s just one you give yourself.
Red lipstick at the office partyInstantly amp up any outfit with a shot of crimson lip stain; It is absolutely the look of the season. Keep the rest of your make-up simple, just a little blush and mascara. It will compliment any outfit you choose for your work party, so get ready to rock it up!
Bow belt on Christmas Eve  Add a touch of sweetness to your look with a bow waist clincher. Wearing a gorgeous full skirt, black top, tights and knee-high boots with the belt as a cherry on top. Trust me; it’s simple to put together and a utterly winning combination.
Glittery headband for Christmas Day - Christmas Day is pretty low key, but don’t forget your glam extra! A glittery headband will make your basic Christmas outfit look look simply sublime. 
Of course that perfect cocktail dress for New Years EveIt’s the one day of the year where its okay to overdose on glamour. Pick out a perfect cocktail dress that makes you feel like a million dollars. You can't go wrong with French Connection their collection of dresses are simply perfect for New Years Eve, as a matter of fact I purchase mine from there just the other day! This moonriver moire dress has a round neckline, long fitted sleeves, a concealed zip and hook fastening at back and all-over sequin embellishment. Pair this stunning frock with a sleek up-do, pendant earrings for festive fashion and some sky high platform to bring in the New Year fabulously!

Thursday, December 16


I am definitely a heel addict, well to be honest I'm a shoe addict. But heels certainly make me happy. If you are not a heel lover then I am here to convince you why you should be, as I truly believe every girl should love heels.
Who doesn’t love that heel noise? - I love the click of a heel on cement, tile or wood, an instant 'look at me, look at me!'.  I instantly assume some high-powered career woman like Anna Wintour is going to walk by in all her fashionable glory. A pair of high powered business heels let your peers know that you are in charge, which is ultimately never a bad thing.
Heels give you instant perfect posture - Have you noticed that when you wear high heels, you automatically stand straighter and feel more confident? Call it a great invention, but heels have the power to make you look a little more. . . fabulous. Having good posture is the key for each and every outfit you will ever wear.
There are millions of styles! - Maybe you’re a wedge girl. Maybe you like platforms. Maybe you can work a stiletto like Carrie Bradshaw or an over-the-knee heeled boot like Kim Kardashian. Or maybe, you adore and own all these styles. Seriously, the sky’s the limit. Try out anything and everything you can get your hands on!

Heels will polish any outfit -
 Even basic jeans and an oversize tee. I love heels with basics, all you need for a total gorgeous look is a pair of stilettos to rock with your rolled up boyfriend jeans and simple white shirt.

Tuesday, December 14


So it's Christmas time again. Joy. 
We all know what that means. Seeing dozens of people who think they are ever so awesome, wearing grandma-knitted-it style Christmas jumpers; of which they found in either a charity shop because they are so cool, a vintage store because they are even cooler or because they are absolute utter total fashion icons in Topshop. 

Topshop knitted reindeer jumper Style On Trial: Holiday sweater at TopshopKnits have been huge this season and it was only a small step from there to a fully fledged Christmas jumpers, complete with snowflakes and reindeer.  Well Topshop have made that leap and are blessing the public with this reindeer jumper. It’s certainly not the worst high street replica I have seen, but in my opinion I feel the Christmas jumper will never have a place in the world of fashion.  Oh, and of course this being Topshop you are then expected to pay £48 for a top that arguably has a limited wear period. 

river island grey reindeer print leggings Dressing Like a Toddler Christmas edition: River Island grey reindeer print leggings
This Christmas theme however is now moving on from just being splattered across innocent jumpers. Have you ever thought to yourself I would like my legs to be considered deer-like? No, I'm not talking about have stick thin pins but instead the concoction River Island have created by popping a few reindeer on some leggings to get you into that Christmas spirit! Patterns like these with their banded design are more likely to draw attention to the bits many of us we would would frankly rather hide. Broadening calves and thighs and drawing the eye down towards the knee region, never a good thing.

So a warning to all of you. Whether you can find it in Topshop or not, Christmas themed clothing is never a good thing.

Monday, December 13


MC Hammer eat your heart out. The hareems is back; and back with vengeance. But the question is - are you ready?
For those of you in the know the eighties are back. Big hair, bright clothes and bold accessories have been storming every catwalk at each fashion week across the globe; from the likes of Vivienne Westwood in London to Calvin Klein in NYC. However there has been one eighties fashion revival that has got everyone talking; and not just for the good. The hareem has caused quite a controversy in the fashion world, and I think it’s about time somebody steps it and puts it to you straight.

The myth you have to be a super skinny supermodel to pull them off. Like I’ve said a total utter myth; nonsense if I do say so myself. I’ve seen women size 18 wear a pair of Hareems better than many a 00 ever could, it’s all down to the rest of your outfit. A day at the office and your hareems paired with a crisp white shirt will go down a treat, or out on a hot date with a plain tee and sequined blazer.
The possibilities are endless, you’ve just got to experiment .

The legend you have to wear them with painfully high heels is once again total rubbish. I team my classic black hareems with a simple brogue when I can’t be fussed to walk around in sky scrapers for the entirety of a night, and I still get compliments galore. It is whatever you feel comfortable in; you all must remember that is the most important factor. Just because hats maybe in, doesn’t mean you should rush out and buy one in an instant; hats unfortunately don’t suit everyone; but every woman knows what she feels comfortable in.
So never stretch yourself for the means of fashion, let it stretch for you.

Now let’s talk about body shape; as you should know different body type suit different items of clothing than others.

If you’re an apple; that’s small and round in basic terms, I would suggest staying as far away from hareems as possible. It’s not because they aren’t going to suit you  but it’s because they utterly and completely going to make you look huge. I’m sorry but it’s the truth, do you expect me to patronise or lie to you?

Next onto the pear shape, that’s big on the bottom little on top. I would say that hareems are pretty much set for you to wear. They will cover your bum without emphasising it that must be what every girl would want.

If your hourglass, that’s slim waist even on top and bottom, you must be careful; wear high waisted hareems and a belt to keep the accent on your trim middle.

Hareems in my opinion most suit an athlete, yes I know you’ll be thinking I’ve totally contradicted myself. An athlete shape is mostly associated with skinniness, but it’s not. Hareems if you wear them right, can suit anyone. You’ve just got to trial out different combinations with them and you’ll soon know exactly what suits your own personal style.

Sunday, December 12


Shoes play great roles in making an person, especially a women, look more put together and it is needless to say that the wrong shoe choice is certain to end in disaster. Even though the vast majority of people forget about shoes, you have to remember that they have trends too. 

Shoe trends in Fall 2010 -  Some of the most wanted styles that are hot this season include fur boots, laced-up boots, shoes with buckles and stiletto shoes. 

Fur boots; Well firstly the winter season often gets rather chilly in several countries across the planet and with that in mind fur boots can be your savour for some much needed warmth. Also bear in mind that fur trim is bang on trend for Fall, include this on some shoes and you'll be the toast of town!

Laces without a doubt are getting more and more popular and as a result laced-up boots fashion comes as no surprise this season. Whether they are ankle boots or knee highs; girls can do no wrong with purchasing a fine pair this season.

Shoes with buckles do appear attention-grabbing however there is a small prince to pay. Similar to laced-up boots there is the need of time to pull shoes with buckles off; choose your outfit carefully, This pair of Red or Dead available at Schuh combines buckles and fur trim to create one awesome pair of season trend shoe boots;
Do you love stiletto shoes? Stilettos are in essence both boots and shoes styles with spike heels. As a result these do appear womanly and perfectly elegant.

Tuesday, December 7


I have of course, formed my own ideas about male style; I think men should at the very least care just a little. 'Baggy' and 'sloppy' are two very different things, wrinkles don’t look good on anyone and no man can ever go wrong in a tailored suits. Style isn’t fashion,  it’s looking pulled together and putting a little thought into your look. 

Here are my tips that will make sure men just can't just wrong in the waredrobe department!
LOVE! Suits or even just a blazer - A great tailored suit is the best ensemble a man can ever wear. There is just something so masculine and dapper about it. Even when a blazer is just thrown over a T-shirt and jeans; it just looks effortlessly cool.
LOVE! Stuff the girls can steal -  I do love items like white button-down shirts, blazers and aviator glasses because we girls can wear them too.

LOVE! Basics -  A great white T-shirt, simple blue jeans, Ray-Ban sunglasses, A button-down shirt, these really are what great looks are made of. I am not opposed to a leather motorcycle jacket on a man either, its totally timeless in the male style... just make sure you stick to lady rule - no none animal colours allowed!
HATE! Overly baggy clothing - If you can see boxer-shorts there is a problem. Trousers should be loose, NOT baggy. If a man is literally swimming in his jumper/T-shirt/jacket ( the same is true with women) then there is no shape and it’s not flattering.

HATE! The “I just rolled out of bed” look -  Regardless of who you are; this will never look good. It’s hard to avoid this, just wear clean clothes that aren’t wrinkled. It doesn’t even have to match, just let it be somewhat cohesive.

Thursday, December 2


Winter is known for drab colours; blacks, grays and browns. The fall collections were all about a colour palette, there is nothing like a punch of red, emerald, yellow, fuchsia or purple to make your outfit really pop. It’s tempting to live in black while the weather is dreary, colour can be your new winter staple. 
Grab a bright jacket - Jewel toned coats are all the rage this season. Pick a pea coat for classic look or be bold with a coloured cape. Try this purple number by Ralph Lauren (below).
Choose coloured shoes - A pop of colour at the feet will always look good. If you are going out, then choose a feminine pink or red to shock an all-black look. 
Accessories - A strategically placed colour at the wrist, ear, neck or finger will be just enough to highlight your outfit. So play with bright necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. Just don't go too OTT!
Bright headwear - I do love hats; the winter season is perfect for incorporating some great headwear into your look. Don’t underestimate the power of a pretty headband, try a bow in blue or pink. It’s the simplest way to achieve great hair with minimal effort.

Wednesday, December 1


This has been the season to go a little bold. Why not flaunt your confidence with one of the best trends of the season? Animal prints! From leopard and zebra to cheetah and python, rocking this statement look will put you ahead of the rest. You can incorporate this look at various volumes, with just a subtle hint of print or an adventurous full on piece.
Image 1 of ASOS PARTYTIME Leopard Print Peep Toe Platform ShoesCoats - There is nothing more luxurious than wrapping yourself in an animal-print coat. Try out a standard leotard print and keep the rest of your look subdued. As it gets colder team with black skinnies and knee high boots.
Shoes - Crank your outfit up to a whole new level with a pair of perfectly printed pumps or stunning heels. If you love spectacular shoes, these prints are made to stand out. Check out these beauties;
Bags - The purse options in animal prints are endless this season. These bags work as a neutral, meaning you can pair them with pretty much anything. Python prints work the best on clutches, a perfect way to finish off your party outfit.

Headbands -
 A fun update to any look, a headband is the perfect hair accessory when it has a pinch of wild style. Try a leopard print hair piece with a bow or a simple headband in a snakeskin pattern.
Gloves - It’s chilly outside, so add a pair of chic gloves into your cold-weather wardrobe. I a great pair of cheetah print gloves peeking out of the sleeves of a simple black jacket. 
NOTE! Stick to the colour which these animals are meant to be! Just like wearing leather, have you ever seen a pink or purple cow? Same as a zebra or leopard? Do not be tempted by the pink cheetah you've seen in New Look. Not good.