Wednesday, December 22


It’s the holiday season! We’re shopping for gifts, dealing with immanent exams, getting together with family and just enduring a whole lot of craziness. I know that if my hair is amazing, then even the worst day on the planet fashion wise can be salvaged. But who has time to spend an hour on her hair every morning? It’s easy to look great every day and here are a few simple tricks.
Plaits - There are plenty of ways to wear plaits, all easy and totally on trend. Try a side part, French-braid the strands along the hairline for a pretty twist, or loosely gather hair in pigtails, braid the two sides, and then pull out a few pieces for a laid-back look. Note to all; pretend hair band plaits are not fashionable and never will be. It just look ridiculous having something stuck on your head that is meant to match your hair colour, but is actually 2 shades lighter.
Side Pony - A side-swept ponytail is the easiest look to master. Gather hair at the nape of the neck and twist it to one side. Secure with an elastic hair band and voila! Instant beauty. Try adding a faux flower clip for a gorgeous style, and make sure your hair is a little undone. Leave a few wispy pieces out near your face.
Messy Bun - Whether the bun is high on the head or low and pulled to the side, this look is super easy. You can either take your strands and twist them around an elastic band, or simply gather hair into a pile and tie the elastic into your locks for a messy, unkempt look. Try not to do the Topshop Princess look by pulling all off your hair on the top of your head and making a huge bun, as you'll more than likely come across more tramp than vamp.
Texturizer - Texturizer is the perfect way to re-imagine second-day locks. Buy a balm or paste, put a little in the palm of your hands and work it into your hair at the tips. You can piece strands out, twist them around your finger or even scrunch the balm into your hair. Bed-head can look fabulous just make sure it’s partnered with some light make-up and even though bed is in the name, be weary that you don't walk out of your house looking like you've just rolled out of it.

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