Tuesday, December 7


I have of course, formed my own ideas about male style; I think men should at the very least care just a little. 'Baggy' and 'sloppy' are two very different things, wrinkles don’t look good on anyone and no man can ever go wrong in a tailored suits. Style isn’t fashion,  it’s looking pulled together and putting a little thought into your look. 

Here are my tips that will make sure men just can't just wrong in the waredrobe department!
LOVE! Suits or even just a blazer - A great tailored suit is the best ensemble a man can ever wear. There is just something so masculine and dapper about it. Even when a blazer is just thrown over a T-shirt and jeans; it just looks effortlessly cool.
LOVE! Stuff the girls can steal -  I do love items like white button-down shirts, blazers and aviator glasses because we girls can wear them too.

LOVE! Basics -  A great white T-shirt, simple blue jeans, Ray-Ban sunglasses, A button-down shirt, these really are what great looks are made of. I am not opposed to a leather motorcycle jacket on a man either, its totally timeless in the male style... just make sure you stick to lady rule - no none animal colours allowed!
HATE! Overly baggy clothing - If you can see boxer-shorts there is a problem. Trousers should be loose, NOT baggy. If a man is literally swimming in his jumper/T-shirt/jacket ( the same is true with women) then there is no shape and it’s not flattering.

HATE! The “I just rolled out of bed” look -  Regardless of who you are; this will never look good. It’s hard to avoid this, just wear clean clothes that aren’t wrinkled. It doesn’t even have to match, just let it be somewhat cohesive.

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