Sunday, December 12


Shoes play great roles in making an person, especially a women, look more put together and it is needless to say that the wrong shoe choice is certain to end in disaster. Even though the vast majority of people forget about shoes, you have to remember that they have trends too. 

Shoe trends in Fall 2010 -  Some of the most wanted styles that are hot this season include fur boots, laced-up boots, shoes with buckles and stiletto shoes. 

Fur boots; Well firstly the winter season often gets rather chilly in several countries across the planet and with that in mind fur boots can be your savour for some much needed warmth. Also bear in mind that fur trim is bang on trend for Fall, include this on some shoes and you'll be the toast of town!

Laces without a doubt are getting more and more popular and as a result laced-up boots fashion comes as no surprise this season. Whether they are ankle boots or knee highs; girls can do no wrong with purchasing a fine pair this season.

Shoes with buckles do appear attention-grabbing however there is a small prince to pay. Similar to laced-up boots there is the need of time to pull shoes with buckles off; choose your outfit carefully, This pair of Red or Dead available at Schuh combines buckles and fur trim to create one awesome pair of season trend shoe boots;
Do you love stiletto shoes? Stilettos are in essence both boots and shoes styles with spike heels. As a result these do appear womanly and perfectly elegant.

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