Monday, December 27


Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, “This outfit needs something!”  People tend to make things more complicated than they are and just that little extra something can take any outfit from a fabulous 9 to that perfect 10! 

1. Add something that sparkles - Christmas may of just passed but it is still the holiday season! At this time of year you have to own at least a few glittering items. Grab a sparkly clutch or slide on a dazzling cocktail ring. It’s just has to add that touch of sparkle to your outfit. Try this French Connection Clutch;

2. Overdose on accessories - Sometimes I guess the best way to say it is.. more is more. Piles on dozens of pearl necklaces, an armful of bangles or a ring on every finger can add an edge to your look, this is guaranteed to get all heads turning in your direction.

3. Feathers and faux-fur - Are totally this season. A feathered skirt and faux fur vest will give your outfit that perfect little lifts. These two pieces are also easy to dress up or down depending on the extras you pair them with.

4. Paint your nails - Giving your fingernails a little TLC is very important. If you take the time to put on polish, it just shows that you take care of yourself. Try out a pretty dark hue for the holidays or the bang on trend camel colour that everyone is raving about.

5. Curl your hair with hot rollers - Don’t waste too much time with the iron, just invest in hot rollers for big, luscious curls.  Put them in, spray with a little hairspray, do your make-up, then pull them out. Your hair will be stunning, and no one will know how little time it took.

6. Step out in colourful footwear - Feeling a little drab in your gray/black/brown winter colour palette?  Then spruce it up with some fancy footwear; fire-engine red, electric blue and neon yellow. Yes I know, neon yellow however I'm only taking about the pumps by Christian Louboutin.

7. Blazers add that class - Throw one on over anything; a T-shirt, cocktail dress, pair of jeans, layered sweaters. If it is a nice, well fitted, neutral blazer it will seriously go with anything.

8. Try an animal-print bag - Snakeskin, crocodile, leopard... there a quite a few animals to choose from. There is no better trend for mixing classiness and edginess, just make sure you stick to one piece of animal print per outfit and try not to make that item too prominent. And remember what I always tell you when you wear animal prints; make them the same colour the animal is supposed to be!

9. Coloured and Patterned tights - Bright bold colours, Polka-dots and Cut-outs are personal favourites of mine but there is a style for every woman and every mood. If you don't possess the skinniest of legs, then try and stick to the bold colours more than patterns, as they draw obvious unwanted attention.

10. Believe in your style choices! Don’t fret over your style or question every little look. If you act unsure about what you’re wearing, then those insecurities will show and nothing kills style like a lack of confidence. So whatever you have on, the most important thing is to be confident. Natural Make-up, Groomed hair, Good posture and most importantly Smile! 

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