Thursday, December 16


I am definitely a heel addict, well to be honest I'm a shoe addict. But heels certainly make me happy. If you are not a heel lover then I am here to convince you why you should be, as I truly believe every girl should love heels.
Who doesn’t love that heel noise? - I love the click of a heel on cement, tile or wood, an instant 'look at me, look at me!'.  I instantly assume some high-powered career woman like Anna Wintour is going to walk by in all her fashionable glory. A pair of high powered business heels let your peers know that you are in charge, which is ultimately never a bad thing.
Heels give you instant perfect posture - Have you noticed that when you wear high heels, you automatically stand straighter and feel more confident? Call it a great invention, but heels have the power to make you look a little more. . . fabulous. Having good posture is the key for each and every outfit you will ever wear.
There are millions of styles! - Maybe you’re a wedge girl. Maybe you like platforms. Maybe you can work a stiletto like Carrie Bradshaw or an over-the-knee heeled boot like Kim Kardashian. Or maybe, you adore and own all these styles. Seriously, the sky’s the limit. Try out anything and everything you can get your hands on!

Heels will polish any outfit -
 Even basic jeans and an oversize tee. I love heels with basics, all you need for a total gorgeous look is a pair of stilettos to rock with your rolled up boyfriend jeans and simple white shirt.

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