Thursday, December 30


While everyone would love to look back fondly on the past 12 months and remember every fashion trend a triumph, no doubt some were more successful than others. Cast your eyes over some of the highs and lows which made up the fashion trends of 2010.

HIT! CAMEL - Coats, capes, pegged trousers and cotton blouses; it was the shade that took over both the catwalk and the high street. It also looks set to be a firm fixture well into 2011.

MISS! EXTREME FAUX FUR - I'm not just talking average fake fur here, I mean the OTT gorilla jackets which whilst undeniably being warm also seem a tad ridiculous.

HIT! MILITARYThe military look has gone up and beyond odd flourishes and nods; we should have been wise enough early in the season to realise we'd be raiding the local army shop. Wool military trench coats have become the must-have outerwear for the impending sub-zero winter.

MISS! WINTER THEME - The romantic image of frolicking in the French Alps, gleefully slinging your skis over your shoulder and skipping back to your picture-perfect lodge is something we'd all like to imagine winter is like. D&G might have embraced the spirit of winter but I would not fall for it. Firstly they do not look especially warm. Secondly I'm not quite sure how a knitted onesie would go down in normal everyday life. It's a print which is fine for scarves and gloves, but just keep it there!

HIT! MAXI SKIRTS - The hippy feel of boho maxi dresses has somehow been completely dispelled with a much more sleek silhouette in 2010. No wardrobe is now complete without a dark, block-colour maxi skirt or if you were feeling especially brave then it was all about the prints, such as tie-dye or geometric shapes.

MISS! LEATHER SKIRTS - Leather follows some simple rules which many designers don't manage to understand. Leather + jacket = fine. Leather + accessories = awesome. Leather + shorts = unrealistic. Leather + shirt = hugely impractical and difficult to wear. It was a look that many high street shops tried to adapt for everyday wear, with even the most traditional fashion outlets including Next and Marks & Spencer having a foray into leather daywear. It wasn't snapped up in a hurry.

HIT! BOWS - In 2010 they were everywhere; tees, cardigans, in our hair, on shoes the opportunity to stick these little beauties onto the clothes we wear were endless. This even transferred into menswear, after the bow tie which was featured heavily on the runway transcended onto the high street. Of course who can forget the infamous Lady Gaga hair bow which we saw on the high street; mainly I'm thinking of the cheap Primark copies of which thousands of people across the country stuck on their heads. 

MISS! UNDERWEAR AS OUTERWEAR-  The chances of this actually landing in the high streets of a small British town was slim anyway but this brazen trend was never going to make waves for even the most outlandish of fashionistas. It is simply not that easy to pull off without risking a fine for indecent exposure; the closest we got was a bra worn under a lace top and that felt risqué enough. This trend also covers the few who considered it a grand idea to stroll about town with stockings and suspenders on show, once again less trend setter more attention seeking shlag.

HIT! DENIM - Who knew a vintage, faded levi's shirt would be this summer's hot ticket? Worn with khaki shorts, camel hareems or over a pretty little floral dress; the cowboy shirt was just one of the ways denim became big news in 2010. Demin-on-Demin was also a massive hits. Catwalks were filled with models wearing demin jackets over demin bodices finally paired with demin jeans; however this failed to transfer to high streets due to peoples inability to style an outfit solely for themselves.
MISS! CLOGS- Along with kitten heels clogs saw the return of some retro footwear styles I would personally rather have seen the back of. I applaud the experimentation, but clogs were never really going take off and be able to penetrate the mainstream. They looked good in the magazines and were all-a-buzz for summer's hot new trends, but only a gifted few could stand in them comfortably let alone walk plus people couldn't get over their slightly comic appearance.

HIT! LACE - I'm not quite sure when it happened but there was a moment in 2010 when lace went from being the material of choice of River Island (next to glitter obviously) and suddenly became sultry and sophisticated again. Lace-backed tops and dresses were the top party wear choices and along with velvet marked the return of sexy glam to our wardrobes. 

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