Thursday, December 2


Winter is known for drab colours; blacks, grays and browns. The fall collections were all about a colour palette, there is nothing like a punch of red, emerald, yellow, fuchsia or purple to make your outfit really pop. It’s tempting to live in black while the weather is dreary, colour can be your new winter staple. 
Grab a bright jacket - Jewel toned coats are all the rage this season. Pick a pea coat for classic look or be bold with a coloured cape. Try this purple number by Ralph Lauren (below).
Choose coloured shoes - A pop of colour at the feet will always look good. If you are going out, then choose a feminine pink or red to shock an all-black look. 
Accessories - A strategically placed colour at the wrist, ear, neck or finger will be just enough to highlight your outfit. So play with bright necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. Just don't go too OTT!
Bright headwear - I do love hats; the winter season is perfect for incorporating some great headwear into your look. Don’t underestimate the power of a pretty headband, try a bow in blue or pink. It’s the simplest way to achieve great hair with minimal effort.

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