Monday, December 13


MC Hammer eat your heart out. The hareems is back; and back with vengeance. But the question is - are you ready?
For those of you in the know the eighties are back. Big hair, bright clothes and bold accessories have been storming every catwalk at each fashion week across the globe; from the likes of Vivienne Westwood in London to Calvin Klein in NYC. However there has been one eighties fashion revival that has got everyone talking; and not just for the good. The hareem has caused quite a controversy in the fashion world, and I think it’s about time somebody steps it and puts it to you straight.

The myth you have to be a super skinny supermodel to pull them off. Like I’ve said a total utter myth; nonsense if I do say so myself. I’ve seen women size 18 wear a pair of Hareems better than many a 00 ever could, it’s all down to the rest of your outfit. A day at the office and your hareems paired with a crisp white shirt will go down a treat, or out on a hot date with a plain tee and sequined blazer.
The possibilities are endless, you’ve just got to experiment .

The legend you have to wear them with painfully high heels is once again total rubbish. I team my classic black hareems with a simple brogue when I can’t be fussed to walk around in sky scrapers for the entirety of a night, and I still get compliments galore. It is whatever you feel comfortable in; you all must remember that is the most important factor. Just because hats maybe in, doesn’t mean you should rush out and buy one in an instant; hats unfortunately don’t suit everyone; but every woman knows what she feels comfortable in.
So never stretch yourself for the means of fashion, let it stretch for you.

Now let’s talk about body shape; as you should know different body type suit different items of clothing than others.

If you’re an apple; that’s small and round in basic terms, I would suggest staying as far away from hareems as possible. It’s not because they aren’t going to suit you  but it’s because they utterly and completely going to make you look huge. I’m sorry but it’s the truth, do you expect me to patronise or lie to you?

Next onto the pear shape, that’s big on the bottom little on top. I would say that hareems are pretty much set for you to wear. They will cover your bum without emphasising it that must be what every girl would want.

If your hourglass, that’s slim waist even on top and bottom, you must be careful; wear high waisted hareems and a belt to keep the accent on your trim middle.

Hareems in my opinion most suit an athlete, yes I know you’ll be thinking I’ve totally contradicted myself. An athlete shape is mostly associated with skinniness, but it’s not. Hareems if you wear them right, can suit anyone. You’ve just got to trial out different combinations with them and you’ll soon know exactly what suits your own personal style.

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