Tuesday, December 28


A lot of people believe that you must sacrifice comfort for style. When we think of fashion, sometimes the images that pop into our heads are painfully tall heels, jackets that leave us cold and freakishly tight dresses.
I feel that effortless style will always look good. When you’re comfortable in your clothes, you’re comfortable in your skin. So make it a 2011 resolution to look great and feel even better; here are the pieces you will absolutely need.
Oversize jumper - Large jumpers are just so versatile. H&M in fall/winter seasons always have such a vast collection for as low as just £15 a piece; so they are affordable too! Wear yours with a pair of leggings and belt it for an perfect hourglass shape.
Pleated skirt - This is a huge spring trend, so get ready to wear this easy silhouette in a few months. Pair one with a simple tee or wear it high-waisted with a bow tied in the middle. Gorgeous and simple.
Perfect Butt Lounge
Wide-leg jeans - Unlike their skinny cousins they won’t feel constrictive and most importantly won't make you feel self concious. The wide leg also evokes a more formal look, I would recommend picking up a pair in a dark wash. 
Brogues - You can really pair them with anything. Offset a girlie floral frock with this menswear piece or match it with a pair of leggings and tunic if you’re out shopping. They’re flat, comfortable and a key piece for your spring wardrobe.

Sweat pants - These are set to be a big trend for 2011 so get ahead of the game and pick up a pair. Make sure the fit is snug, not tight, and try out a cropped style. They’re casual, comfortable and a trend you can easily wear. Check out the pair above from Abercrombie & Fitch; a tad pricey (£54) for what may be classed as casual wear but believe me they are well worth every penny. 

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