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Cloth / Fabric Spring 2011 Colour Trends
With 2011's fashion trends on the horizon it's time to look forwards to the year's first full season and the fashion trends for Spring 2011. For their take on the colours for Spring 2011 clothing trends, cloth manufacturers believe that we will inevitably be throwing off the darker colours of Fall 2010's trends. Spring/Summer 2011 colours are those which are uplifting and soften, energise, and excite.
For the Spring / Summer 2011 season there are five key colour trends.

1. Celebration - Spring personified in a palette, the colours that make up this Spring 2011 colour trend are mostly named after flowers: iris, viola, daffodil, poppy, and geranium. Unsurprisingly, should this colour scheme take your fancy this one should be worked into your Spring 2011 wardrobe as a part of your florals.

2. Abstraction - I must confess to not liking this colour palette in the least the turquoise clashes with the maroon to my eye, and how yellow green made it in there has left me stumped. This is one colour trend for those who are loud and proud.

3. New Classic - New and unexpected twists on classic elements and naturally bright pigments, will develop into new classics. Fabrics are classic, materials the same but all elements are somewhat twisted: fibres in unusual yarn-spinning and -counts, classical weave patterns in atypical materials clashed with a curious checkered design, an embroidery where you didn't expect it - nothing loud, just enough to make you startle.

4. Aqueous - An obvious colour theme for Spring 2011 because of its nautical tones, such obviousness is also what is likely to see it lazily interpreted and applied - a danger for designers and labels looking to apply seasonal colours to their basics. To avoid such misapplication it should be used with floating pieces where the fabric is the focus, an interpretation of the sheer clothing trend seems a strong contender if you intend to work this colour theme through your wardrobe.

5. Pearleage - Subtle colours, bar for the jet black, this is a colour trend all about sheen; in effect, luxurious and radiant colours meant to match with your radiant Summer tan.

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