Monday, January 10


They say that history repeats itself and similarly so does fashion. Some trends although long since passed are so fabulous that they beg to be resurrected. Most of the time when a vintage trend is brought back into the spotlight it’s usually given a twist to accommodate modern taste and style. Such is the case of the Brogue. These classic soles are back on the scene and looking better than ever! Here are three weekend outfits inspired by some favourite brogue styles. There is an array of brogues from which to choose to create a look all your own. Whether you’re going for a man-inspired look or something wildly feminine and attractive, you can find the perfect pair of brogues to step-up your style.

Casual and Comfortable
Take a stroll through in a pair of tan brogues. Compliment these with a pair of peg-leg trousers, a camel colour would look fabulous with these! To show them off top the outfit off with an off-the-shoulder oversized jumper or white T and long open cardigan. Grab your cross body satchel and you are ready to go!
Bold and Sassy
I can’t tell you how on spring trend brogue high heels are!  Pair these with some skinny black trousers or opaque tights if you’re wearing a dress and bundle up with a belted white wool coat. This is timelessly chic and ready for any attention seeking look!

Structured and Proper
Head to town in a pair of wedged brogues; yes... wedged! Sounds like an odd mix but this shoe perfectly blends a classic style with a modern twist. The gray suede upper set upon a roughly textured wedge heel is an attractive contrast. I love a toned-down Sargent Pepper look so a military coat in a neutral colour like olive or dark gray and a pair of dark wash skinny jeans will look great with these style brogues.

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