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While we've been seeing crop tops and bared stomachs on the runway for a good couple of years now, the reality is that it's a trend which floods the high street and people buy but simple never dare to wear. Why? Simply because we live in a body conscious age where it's only the minority of people daring enough to expose that much skin.
As a 2011 fashion trend the crop top is not just about exposing one's whole stomach, but about finding elegant new ways of showing a peep of toned midriff. Yes there's the crop top of the grunge-revival. Yes there's the crop top of the sportswear-as-daywear trend. But there's also the crop top as a sophisticated, refined piece that some will embrace as a look not to be feared.

The styles on the spring 2011 runways were many and various; from teeny, tiny tops to the smallest hints of skin. To break it down, here are some of the different ways we've seen cropped tops on the runway:
  • With elegance - the tiniest slit along the waistline of a dress, turning it into a two-piece ensemble broken up only by a shallow hint of skin. 
  • Fighting fit with stomach fully bared - try Sporty examples that are perfectly sexy for those with the confidence to pull them off. These type of cropped tops end just below the bust, and were paired with hipster pants for a revealing end result. You could just as easily substitute the hip-huggers for a high waisted bottom half, if you wanted to add some modesty.
  • Beneath a sheer layer - adding a layer of transparent fabric is the perfect way to combine the ongoing popularity of the sheer trend with the newness of the exposed midriff.
  • With cutaway detailing - expect many dresses to hit the shelves with cutaway details that expose parts of the stomach or midriff.

Tips for Wearing Crop Tops

  1. Pick a length - Crop tops come in a variety of shapes and lengths, and depending on how daring you are, you can pick a top that shows only a sliver of your stomach or one that bares your belly. Daring? Try a top that hits above your belly button. More conservative? Opt for something that grazes the top of your jeans. When picking the length of your top, you should also consider what you’ll be wearing it with, and where you’re going!
  2. Pick and choose the rest of your look wisely - Crop tops are on trend, but they can either look amazing or awful, depending on the outfit you wear them with. Each piece you pair with your top will evoke a different look. A higher waisted bottom paired with a crop top will limit the amount of skin you’re showing and can actually look sophisticated and fashion-forward.
  3. Add a vest - Not into showing your tummy in a tiny top? Then simply don’t. You can still get that crop-top vibe by wearing one with a light vest underneath. You can match your vest to your crop top, try a neutral, go for a colour contrast or just wear a nude one underneath for the illusion of skin.
  4. Keep it classy - Crop tops really aren't appropriate for work or school and they’re a bit odd and out of place for a trip to your local shopping centre (especially if you reside in England). They are perfect however, for the gym, music festivals or of course lying on a beach. Style your crop top right and you can even wear it to a party or on a date, just keep a fun and casual.
  5. Try it out! - Layer, layer, layer! You can spice up a long-sleeved T or a tight dress by wearing a cropped top over it as a layering piece.
Please though before trying this look can everyone think sensibly. Its obvious to everyone that this item is ultimately going to look best on a size 6, with a teenie tiny waist and perfectly flat stomach. However, not everything has to be tummy flaunting, just follow my advice and those size 6's will be envious of your fabulous style!

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