Sunday, January 23


No matter the year, trend, or designer, it never takes much to get our fashionable juices pumping with the mention of spring jewelry trends. Like an amazing pair of lace-up wedges or the most coveted new bucket bag, fresh jewelry can do wonders for waking up a sleepy wardrobe. And this season, there are a handful of themes that have us reshuffling our spring/summer must-haves. From colossal cabochon-style stones to the sexiest tassels and fringe, our favorite spring jewelry trends really run the gamut of wearable art. And if you're wondering if those glorious Dior earrings are too far out of your reach, never fear: As equal opportunity editors, I've assembled a lust-worthy list of amazing options at almost any price-point.

1. Big Mixed Cabochon-Style Stones — The last few seasons have been like jewellery on steroids. Not that we'll ever say no to a great statement necklace. But this spring, the Big idea that caught our eye was the use of giant Cabochon-style stones, Organic and elegant.
2. Tassels & Fringe — Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Dior all seemed to have an Art Deco-meets-'70s moment with the re-imagining of huge, gorgeous tassel earrings and fringe necklaces. 
3. Clean & Architectural — Perhaps as a back-lash to all the mixed piled-on pearls, chains, and stones that continue to fill boutiques, designers opted for super spare, clean, and almost architectural pieces. And for the OCD or easily distracted, the simplicity is nothing short of refreshing.
4. Plastics & Perspex — The trend toward really childlike, whimsical jewels with a '60s feel always has a place in our wardrobes. So, for spring designers have turned out fun plastic-fantastic necklaces and wide perspex-like coloured cuff bracelets.
5. Rose-Gold — In fashion, it's always a guessing game each season as to who in the metals will prevail: silver or gold? Well, for spring, the more exotic rose-gold is stealing center-stage.

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