Thursday, January 13


2011 is not just a new year, it's a new decade. It's a case of out with the old and in with the new, and such a mindset is applied to everything from society's outlook to the aesthetic styles it embraces. The most dominant clothing trend of the last decade military fashion is finally being pushed to the back of the wardrobe; and hair colours are undergoing a major change too.

Just change it - Pick a colour that suits you, one that gives you confidence, make it a shade that's on trend, and go make that hair colour your own. Where has the inspiration for the "just change it" rule come from I hear you ask? While the start of a new decade inspires change, there are also those people driving the idea of simply changing your hair colour as a trend in itself.

White Hair Colour
So if you are going to change your hair colour, if you're going to opt for a colour that shall set you apart from the crowd, consider a shock of blonde hair that draws the gaze of those nearby, consider the platinum blonde hair shade.

If you'd asked me several months ago about the blonde hair with dark roots colour trend I would have told you it has had it's day. But it hasn't, and it's hung around accordingly, but I do still believe that it is coming to an end. Thus if you were to opt to change your hair colour to white blonde / platinum blonde in the near future, I think you'd be safe to do opt for dark roots. That said: if it's an option, forgo the dark roots and opt for a full head of platinum / white blonde hair instead. The overall impact of platinum blonde hair will be diminished should you opt for dark roots and wear it with an up do. If you're looking for an elegant interpretation of platinum blonde then your preference should lean towards the year's longer hair styles. From there you can style the hair colour in umpteenth ways with a preference towards either bombshell waves or a straight hair style.
If you're after more of a rock chic look, however, you can never go wrong with a pixie cut. Pair a dramatic hair colour with an equally dramatic hair cut to really sets yourself apart from the masses.

Red Hair Colour
The redhead isn't just a hair colour in 2011, it's an attitude. Red hair is perfect for the cooler into summer months and if you're considering a changing your look for 2011, consider red hair as the perfect option.

As it is with any hair colour, not all shades of red hair are in in 2010. Forget the bright copper and crimson tones: red hair in 2011 is about richly coloured and natural looking red hair. One real golden rule worth stating when it comes to red hair in 2010: it can't look fake! There are of course many ways to style red tresses as with any other hair colour but with a hair colour as jaw dropping as red the intent is of creating not just a hairstyle but an overall look and persona.

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