Sunday, February 13


The first time I saw a picture of model Andrej Pejic, a tingle of jealously ran down my spine and I simply thought 'Wow, this has to be one of the most stunning girls I have ever seen.' As it turned out, Anddrej is male model and an absurdly beautiful one at that. At only 19 years old, this Australian has been making major waves in the fashion industry since he was signed by Storm in February 2010. His feminine features reminisant of Cindy Crawford's bone structure and Kate Moss' body; boldly opposed the stereotypical burly, reliable, real guy type of model popularised by the global fashion market.
Pejic is part of fashion’s new 'femiman' trend, the latest in a new crop of gender bending models who have risen to prominence in the past few seasons. Fashion has embraced the gender-bending model but Pejic stands for something larger and is not just the face of a passing trend or a controversial ad campaign but the leader of a new gender fluidity in fashion. Pejic can be cast in editorials and ads as either a woman or a man, Marc Jacobs’ recent campaign featured him in men’s clothes, but Pejic usually appears in women’s apparel without any evidence that he’s really a man. 
The fashion industry is warming to gender neutrality and transsexual models and spreads are finding their way into the mainstream, probably the most famous currently being Lea T, an assistant to Riccardo Tisci the creative director of Givenchy who was starred in the Givenchy autumn/winter 2010 advertising campaign. I think this is one of the most exciting things to happen in the fashion industry for a long time and I personally can't wait to see new gorgeous androgynous models popping up in editorials and on the runways in the future. 

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