Thursday, March 10


For the majority of the time, Women just are never happy with their bodies. The Kate Moss shaped girls want Beyonce curves or vice versa; everyone always wants what they can’t have.  It’s human nature. No matter how you are proportioned, an ill-fitting silhouette or poor choice of colour can make you look larger than you want to.  Everyone has to learn the art of getting dressed correctly and what shapes look best on their bodies.

1. Always show your smallest part - Everything larger than your actual frame looks better belted. By highlighting a small waist it immediately draws the attention to the point of focus and away from unwanted bumps.
2. 'Tight' is never good Clothes should be fitted, as in they should fit you. However if you’re having trouble breathing or you are just blatantly uncomfortable, then you probably want to rethink your outfit. Don’t fall for the “It almost fits” trick in the shops, so what if it is a size 12 and not your usual 10. There is a reason for that, it fits.
3. Notice the cut When you are wearing a cardigan or especially a blazer, If the bottom falls at your hips then you’re wearing the most slimming cut. If it’s at your waist, the cut is cutting you majorly off! 
4. Try a high-waisted silhouette - People who know how to dress wear this look all the time, due to it's secret thinning effects. A pair of wide-leg jeans with a high-waist are perfect , when you tuck in a  loose T-shirt and pair with a skinny belt, mid-heels and great accessories. Note to all however, if you are under 5'7 beware of wide legs making you look shorter.
5. Handle horizontal stripes with care Wear in moderation and be very careful as horizontal stripes notoriously widen you out. If you've got a sizeable bust then make sure the top is a scoop neck and if you were blessed with a round rear then make sure the stripes are neutrals and as wide as possible.
6. Buy heels, heels & more heels! - Looking instantly taller creates the illusion of length and a slim shape, so invest in some lovely  heels to make your legs seem miles long and give you that major height.

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