Sunday, May 15


Right now, if you know anything about fashion, you'll be thinking that this is nothing new. Lace comes and goes. Causally being absent from a season or two, but nevertheless always returning in some variation of its previous self. Lace this season is really just an extension of the sheer trend we've seen storming the runways, however there was one runway where lace caught everyone's attention. 
Of course, I am talking about the dress of HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge at her wedding to Prince William. Designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, the dress saw by 'billions' managed to strike that perfect balance between being neither too plain nor too extravagant. Structured and with petal-like pleats that suggest an opening flower, the train differs somewhat to the less structured trains that have dominated royal wedding memory. The dress is perfectly feminine, but it's not frivolous and the fitted bodice particularly on Kate's slim figure undoubtedly made the world grasp at first glance.
As hard-to-grapple-with trends go, lace is certainly up there with the best of them. Just like Catherine, you need to find the balance between looking beautiful, seductive and elegant or crossing that line of a utterly cheap and grandma-ish feel. Basically in more simple terms lace can conjure up images of a whore or a virgin as it covers up as well as reveals the flesh. You should wear it sparingly. If you are going for a one-piece such as the lace dress, then make the rest of your outfit quite plain to avoid looking like a drag queen. On the one piece note, lace leotards are not fashionable and never will be. Flashing your bra will get you attention, but for all the wrong reasons, however if you just cannot resist edge it off by covering yourself with a structured blazer.

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