Thursday, July 28


To begin, let's all enter into reality. No sane person travels dressed like this.

Leggy lady: Demi Lovato showed off her toned figure as she arrived at Los Angeles International airport today wearing short shorts  

Fair enough Demi Lovato is a celebrity, popping on her sweats and Uggs may make her feel a tad self conscious when she knows fine well the paparazzi will the ready waiting to snap her photo at the airport. But leather shorts, 4 inch heels and an amount of jewellery that would make 50cent proud is not really a sensible travelling outfit, in my opinion anyway.

I have compiled a list of things to consider when choosing your travel outfit.

1. Comfort comes firstUnless you are going first or business class flying is not particularly comfortable, so while it may be tempting to take tips from Demi Lovato and make the airport your ‘runway’, you’ll soon come to regret that when you are cruising at 30,000 feet, your feet are swollen in your heels and your leather shorts are riding high and crushing you to pieces in your tiny airline seat. Of course, comfort means different things to different people so it’s really up to you to decide what you’ll be most comfortable in for a flight. Personally, I favour skirts or dresses that have a slight flare because I tend to find that trousers ride up and crease easier. Remember to consider fit and fabric, jeans are great but if the denim is stiff it can start to rub when you’re cramped up in the same position for hours. 

2. Layer upAirplanes are subject to random changes in temperature, it could be freezing cold, stifling hot or anything in between. Most airlines will provide you with a blanket, especially if you’re flying overnight but a soft pashmina or scarf could come in very handy and it is also a good idea to dress in light layers so you can easily adapt to the temperature of the aircraft. 

3. Dress for the colder of the two climates you are flying between Airport dressing can be particularly challenging if you’re flying to somewhere either much hotter or much colder than your departure point. In this case, my advice is to base your outfit around the colder of the two temperatures as you just never know how long you could end up waiting at the airport. Look at it this way, it’s easier to remove a coat in the heat than it is to stand shivering in shorts and sandals! Bear in mind also that most airports are temperature controlled, so even if you are flying to or from a hot climate you won’t be dealing with the temperature until you leave the airport.

4. Wear shoes you can slip on and off easily You are probably going to have to remove your shoes to go through airport security, so you don’t want to be having to fiddle with lots of straps or buckles. If you really want to wear fancy shoes, it can be a good idea to pop a pair of flip flops or fold-up flats in your carry-on, just in case they start to hurt as you can always switch shoes once you get onto the plane. 

5. Keep accessories to a minimumBelts, necklaces and other accessories are all just more things you may have to remove and then replace for the security checks, and they are more things to get in your way or make you uncomfortable during the flight.

6. The same with make-up and hairstylesShort flights are fine, but a long flight can leave you looking and feeling like well you have just spent 10 hours in a cramped, enclosed space! You probably won’t be looking your best and a thick coat of make-up can actually make you look worse and elaborate hairstyles can be difficult to maintain mid-flight and are just one more thing to worry about. 

7. Put essentials in your carry-on - Air travel these days is not always straightforward, and if you end up facing a long delay it is good to know you have some clean clothes and essential toiletries in your carry-on. Plus if the unlikely and unfortunate event of your luggage going missing occurs, you may just need that spare bikini you popped in your handbag!

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  1. I will use this advice when am flying to india :D