Wednesday, August 3


Recently i’ve been seeing many one-piece garments popping pretty much in every store and so consequently on everyone, however much like every other trend people see these on the mannequins and think 'I can buy that and wear it just like that!' but no, you can't. Just like every other trend that comes and goes there are boundaries and guidelines to follow and take a careful note of, and this is most certainly the case when it come to any kind of one piece.

Image 1 of ASOS Rope Tie Jumpsuit
Personally I love one pieces, jumpsuits in particular, because they make me look even taller than I already am, however finding a jumpsuit with a body length long enough to fit me and not split me in half is an entirely different matter! They are also, when worn in the right way one of the most slimming items of clothing and perfect for a day time or night time look. Get the most of your onesie by switching up the way you wear it each time, for example colourful wedges or a handbag this time, then keep things sleek with metallic jewellery the next. Perhaps you could even add some flawless definition to your waist with a slim belt, to show off your shape or create dramatic curves. The key to transforming your onesie into evening wear is all in the fabric, so choose a jumpsuit which has a elegant fabric like satin, silk or chiffon and look for tailored and polished details. 
I feel that the most important advice to follow is do not go body-con with it. Your onesie should have a nice flow to it and cover any bumps with its loose fitting fabric, not highlight every inch of your body like you've just come back from a fancy dress party as Catwoman. Don't be put off if your under 5'6 either! I would say instead of flared leg jumpsuits stick to something with a little bit more of a slim fit, just so you don't look like you're trapped in a tent. And as highlighted before for taller girls, please make sure that the garment fits you. Believe me there is nothing worse than going out and thinking you look like a supermodel, then during the night being told by your drunken friend that she likes your 'camel toe'.

Jumpsuit shown - ASOS Rope Tie Jumpsuit FROM £27.00

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