Thursday, August 11


I thought that in this post I would cover a classic: The shirt dress. This extremely versatile piece works just as perfectly in summer as it does in the winter, weather taken into account of course! So I am going to take you through some of my own personally recommended "do’s and don’ts" when creating a shirt dress inspired outfit.
Do own at least one great shirt dress - There are several staple items every girl should have in her possession (black pumps, LBD and a white button-down)  However for those casual days which will not be deemed suitable for the LBD, the shirt dress comes to save the day! Wear with simple accessories and ensure that the dress has tailored details and is in a neutral colour.
Don’t leave people wondering - The name says it all basically it is a shirt dress, so lets just make It  very clear that what you are wearing is, in fact a dress with shirt-like qualities and not just a shirt! Please ensure that the hem is at a decent length, so that you don’t walk out of the house looking like you forgot to put on your trousers and if necessary then just simply resort to wearing leggings.
Do experiment - Being the girl I am, I love the buttoned up look! When I wear my shirt dress it's usually buttoned right to the top for that preppy look, so why not try that! Or layer your dress on top of a vest or tee to add a touch of contrast, the possibilities really are endless, you just have to remember not to be scared to try something new.
Don’t get too slouchy - Be careful not to get lost underneath an overly slouchy shirt dress as I am pretty sure that you don’t want to look like you’re wearing your pyjamas. Instead, keep things polished and bring in some definition to your waist by clinching in with a belt, remember curves are your friend!
Do go denim - The idea of all-over denim can be a little scary but when it comes to the denim shirt dress it works, just keep in mind to not go too slouchy or short! As for footwear, pair your denim shirt dress with some wooden wedges for a summer vibe or tall brown boots for a causal feel.
Don’t stick to one look - Shirt dresses come in a variety of shapes and fabrics so it’s only fair to give them all a try. From sleeveless to 3/4 sleeves, solid colours to prints, there is a huge choice of shirt dresses from which to choose from. Even if you only own one shirt dress, switch things up by wearing it differently each time like layering a caridgan, wearing a boyfriend blazer or teaming your outfit up with bright accessories!

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