Thursday, September 1


I can't lie. Ugg boots, as we well know are not to everyone's taste. Personally I have a little thing for them, I just can't resist buying a pair when I go over to America because they are so much cheaper and speaking from a girl with rather sizable feet they are one of the few shoes that comfortably fitsBut the question always stands in my mind, do you think they can ever be stylish? Can they truly be viewed as a fashion item or are they simply just glorified and expensive slippers? Also I'd like to claify that when I am taking about Ugg boots, I mean actual Ugg Australia Boots. The likes of Primark copies etc.. that stain when in rains or the horrendous folding over on the heel that makes you look like you have some awful foot disease are not branded in this category. Those are Fugs (fake uggs) and please for the love of all that is good and holy in this world, do not ever get me started on Fugs. A £5 copy from Primark will never be anywhere near the quality of a £180 Ugg boot, and yes you do pay for the name of course but in modern day society that is now an accepted fact.

Classic Short
Normally you associate Uggs with the colder months, however that’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of Uggs around in the summer time too. Ugg promote that their sheepskin boots are designed to keep your feet warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot, and I can't deny that I've worn mine in 30 degree heat with short short before. Many people go for teaming their Uggs with a mini skirt, summer dress and of course the ultimate Ugg boot and leggings obviously cannot be forgot. Although all that aside of course it is in the winter that the Ugg boot comes into its own, paired with dark denims or thick wool tights and a jumper dress. The Ugg boot was undeniably made for winter to keep your toes from dropping off!
It must also be noted that not everyone who wears Ugg boots wears them with a sweatpants and a hoodie, although I do occasionally fall victim when popping to see friends of pulling on my hollister sweats, tee and then my Uggs but it's not like I'm in board daylight public dressed like that. Many people do think though there is just something about Uggs that encourages sloppy dressing, I don't even get what is so shameful about that. So what if you want to wear your Ugg's and some joggers, those boots more than likely cost more than the girls who's walking past you in the street did, so you may as well wear them with whatever you want and wherever you want.
I don't see Uggs myself as a fashion item, although I do see them as a fashion icon. Everyone knows what Ugg boots are and you know that you've got an internationally known brand when even copy cat items are called the same thing think of the Vacuum Cleaning to the Hoover scenario! I think Uggs need to be given credit when its due; they are comfy, durable and possibly one of the few shoes that when you put it on you feel a little better about yourself. I know you do it if you have a pair, checking out if others passing you in the streets are real, but that confidence is one hell of a feeling to get from an item of clothing, right?  


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  1. I really dislike them, but its mainly because of the copies. The cheap little tatty primark ones. I don't see them as a fashion item either and I don't think I'd ever own a pair. But I agree, when worn with shorts and tights they can look nice