Monday, December 26


So it's Christmas time again. Joy. 
We all know what that means. Seeing dozens of people who think they are ever so awesome, wearing grandma-knitted-it style Christmas jumpers; of which they found in either a charity shop because they are so cool, a vintage store because they are even cooler or because they are absolute utter total fashion icons in Topshop. 

Topshop knitted reindeer jumper Style On Trial: Holiday sweater at Topshop

Knits have been huge this season and it was only a small step from there to a fully fledged Christmas jumpers, complete with snowflakes and reindeer.  Well Topshop have made that leap and are blessing the public with this reindeer jumper. It’s certainly not the worst high street replica I have seen, but in my opinion I feel the Christmas jumper will never have a place in the world of fashion.  Oh, and of course this being Topshop you are then expected to pay £48 for a top that arguably has a limited wear period. 

river island grey reindeer print leggings Dressing Like a Toddler Christmas edition: River Island grey reindeer print leggings
This Christmas theme however is now moving on from just being splattered across innocent jumpers. Have you ever thought to yourself I would like my legs to be considered deer-like? No, I'm not talking about have stick thin pins but instead the concoction River Island have created by popping a few reindeer on some leggings to get you into that Christmas spirit! Patterns like these with their banded design are more likely to draw attention to the bits many of us we would would frankly rather hide. Broadening calves and thighs and drawing the eye down towards the knee region, never a good thing.

So a warning to all of you. Whether you can find it in Topshop or not, Christmas themed clothing is never a good thing.

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