Wednesday, July 18


Disco Pants. Do they really give you chills that multiply or do they make you just want to lose control? Yes, that Grease reference was put there for a reason, American Apparel’s Disco pants or glorified Spandex leggings as they are otherwise known are back. But is it for good this time?

What is their secret? In the past month or so everyone has become infatuated with them:  and how come people who agree that leggings should be worn not as trousers can suddenly  cavort around in Disco pants and a crop top? Everyone can surely see that disco pants are dangerously close to being leggings, so the question must be asked. How come this line is being crossed? According to fashionista's, the difference is simple. Disco pants are thicker, stretchier, and more flattering to the figure and most importantly leave their wearer without the slightest hint of camel toe or VPL (of which we see leggings create without fail). They also have a higher waist, which is said to create an  Spanx-like ability to hold you in, concealing any lumps or bumps which leggings would highlight. 
Disco Pants to me are just the reincarnation of Wet Look leggings. For me, these being possibly the biggest crime in all of fashion history, so any sort of evolutionary revival I hope passes as soon as its predecessor did. 

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