Monday, December 1

An Open Letter To My Younger Self.

Dear Younger Self,

I remember you!
So wild.
So free.
But when the time comes, you wont remember me.

That beard! Those piercings!
That thick untamed hair.
I guarantee you’ll miss it.
When one day, it’s not there.

So I fathom that you’ll be wondering.
Where we ended up?
Well I have great news of your enlightenment,
So I guess that you’re in luck.

30 years have gone.
So long.
Yet so fast.
I never thought I’d speak to you, but now I am at last!

Many a man you’ll meet in life.
Many you’ll call a friend
But some of these bonds will burn out fast
And some stay ‘til the bitter end
Those moments you fill with laughter
The ones you’ve truly shared?
They’re the ones that you are after!
But I know you’re yet to care.

Take care of your body.
Stay fit
Don’t slack
It’s much harder to exercise, when you’ve got trouble with back.

Now. On the subject of fashion.
The way you like to dress?
I’m glad to say, this is only a phase.
Because, you look a mess.

It’s not about the money.
I know you like to spend.
Not everything is fashionable,
So forget about a trend.

Money is nothing.
Can be lost.
So enjoy your time as you age, don’t dwell upon the cost.

I know you’re soon to fall in love,
With the most beautiful girl.
Hold her tight and keep her near
Forever, she’ll be your world

I know you never thought of a family
You’re future? What would come?
No feeling is ever greater,
To have a daughter or a son.

Youth was great!
Should stop!
I would do things differently, If I could turn back the clock.

We have turned out great.
There is no need to fear.
I’m can still jive, at fifty-five.
Death? Nowhere near!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my wisdom,
Take as much in as you can.
You’ll live your own life anyway,
To become your own man.

Yours Faithfully,

Older Self

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